7 must knows on Muslim Marriage in Singapore

Can I get Married?

If you are 21 years old and above, you are able to register for Marriage at the ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marraiges). If one party is below 21 years of age but above 18, the party’s parents or legal guardian must give consent to the marriage.  The couple must also apply for a Special Marriage Licence. A marriage preparatory programme have to be attended before the license is issued to the couple.

When can I Register at ROMM?

You may have your marriage solemnized 7 days after you register at ROMM the earliest. Or 150 days the latest to the date of your registration. The registration fee is $39 if one/both parties are a Singaporean/Singapore PR and $128 for when both parties are foreigners. Note that this registration fee is not inclusive of the private solemnisation fee when the Kadi comes to your house. The Kadis are to be given a saperate amount for their time spent and transport fees.

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What is Wali?

A wali has to be the relative of the Bride. A Wali can be the bride’s birth father, brother, her paternal grandfather, paternal uncle or any male relative from her paternal side. In the event where the bride does not have a relative that can take up the position as a wali, the Kadi will assume the role as a Wali.

What is Nikah?

Nikah is the most important event as it will determine the validity of the marriage between the bride and groom. The Nikah usually takes place in the beginning of the day of the wedding and is attended by close relatives and elders of the bride and groom. It is the solemnisation ceremony that will take place in the presence of the Wali /Kadi and relatives of bride and groom as witnesses. After the Nikah, the bride and groom will be legally pronounced as husband and wife.

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What is a Mas Kahwin ( Mahr)?

A Mahr is a gift from the groom to his bride after the solemisation ceremony. The Mahr becomes her property and could not be spent on the husband. It could be in a form of cash, jewellery, gifts, car, house. The minimum amount for Mahr in Singapore is $100 cash.

Duit Hantaran for Wedding

It is a customary gift from the groom to the family of the bride for the wedding ceremony. The Duit Hantaran must be agreed upon with both side of the family. However, there are no fixed stipulate amount for the Duit Hantaran. It depends on the affordability and preferences of the groom/couple/family.

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Who is the Kadi?

Kadi is an appointed religious leader by Singapore leaders who will be playing an important role in the solemnisation ceremony. There are only 4 Kadis and 23 Naib Kadis available in Singapore. What is the difference between a Kadi and a Naib Kadi?


 Kadis are able to solemnize marriages with or without a Wali.  They are empowered to consider marriage applications.

Naib Kadi

Naib Kadis are only empowered to solemnize marriages with a Wali. Read Choosing Your Kadi in Singapore post to understand more about Kadi.

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