Unique Ideas of Wedding Favors In Singapore

Wedding Favors in Singapore The thought of your wedding day should excite any bride and groom to be. One of the many question that a bride or groom would ask is what type of Wedding Favours do I want to give the guests who attend my wedding ? The range of Wedding Favors In Singapore […]

Edible Or Non-Edible Wedding Favours?

 Edible or Non-edible Wedding Favors? Very often married couples to be find themselves to be in this dilemma months before the wedding itself before making a quick and final decision which keeps them pondering “was my Berkat good enough?”. First before we proceed I suggest you to have an idea of which category that you […]

Silk Rose Petal Wedding Table/ Bed/ Aisle Decoration

Rose Petal Wedding Table/ Bed/ Aisle Decoration Ideas What is a Wedding without rose petals? Here are Wedding Silk Artificial Rose Petals. Artificial Rose Petals for Wedding Decoration add colours and does not give you much hassle ! It is easy to clean and does not stain your wedding gown or dress unlike fresh rose petals! […]

Edible Berkat Wedding Favor- Chocolate Favor Box

Edible Chocolate Wedding Favors in Singapore   Wedding Berkat Chocolate/Candy Favor Box What a splendid way to spend your wedding day by sharing the joy with your guests with a Favor Box of Chocolate? Chocolates as Wedding Favors are guests favorites especially when its an Edible Wedding Favor! Listed below are some popular Chocolates for […]

Choosing your Kadi in Singapore

Booking Kadi for your Solemnisation ceremony Deciding which Kadi you would want to book for your Nikah Solemnisation Ceremony is an important descision to make. Choosing them would depend on how comfortable you are with their style of delivering the messages and more. It would be important to get a Kadi whose style best suits you. If […]

7 must knows on Muslim Marriage in Singapore

Can I get Married? If you are 21 years old and above, you are able to register for Marriage at the ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marraiges). If one party is below 21 years of age but above 18, the party’s parents or legal guardian must give consent to the marriage.  The couple must also apply for a […]

wedding kraft paper bag singpaore berkat

Wedding Berkat Kahwin Gift Bag Ideas

Wedding Berkat Kahwin Gift Bag This type of Wedding Berkat Kahwin Classy Gift Bag allows you to pack your gifts such as candies/chocolate neatly in the bag. It is not only colourful but is accompanied with an attractive ribbon that matches the type of gift bag. The amazing thing is that it is relatively light […]

Types of Gift Boxes For Wedding Berkat Kahwin

Classy Gown and Tux Wedding Berkat Gift Bag/Box The Bride and Groom Berkat Kahwin is among one of the popular Berkat Options couples opt for when purchasing for their big day! The Husband and Wife is dressed smart and in a beautiful gown that looks  as perfect as these wedding doorgifts! The hubby and wifey doorgifts is […]