Choosing your Kadi in Singapore

Booking Kadi for your Solemnisation ceremony

Deciding which Kadi you would want to book for your Nikah Solemnisation Ceremony is an important descision to make. Choosing them would depend on how comfortable you are with their style of delivering the messages and more. It would be important to get a Kadi whose style best suits you. If you prefer the Kadi to speak in English, there are a few names listed at the bottom of this post accompanied with videos below.

How to Book the Kadi?

Booking a Kadi can be done so Online or at the self-help kiosk. The booking is made at the point when you make your application for registration of your marriage. Point to note: When going to the website, ensure you are at the ROMM website instead of the ROM. There is a difference between ROMM and ROM. ROMM stands for Registry Of Muslim Marriages. So if you are booking for Kadi, ROMM is the website to go to and check out the information you are looking for!

When Choosing the Kadi for your marriage

Below are the approved Kadis , their area of residence and contact number.

Contact the Kadis

kadi who speaks in english singapore


Contact the Naib Kadis

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list of kadi in singapore to choose from

Some Considerations when choosing your Kadi

Consider factors such as the venue of your solemnization and the location as to where the Kadi lives at. Choose the Kadi that lives nearer the the vicinity of your solemnization venue. This could avoid any possible unforseen disappointments for both parties as it is easier for them to travel to the venue. Above are the addresses of the Kadis/ Naib Kadis found from ROMM Website. It has the details of the location of where the Kadi lives at to make your choices easier.

Choosing Kadi who is Fluent in English

Are you marrying a convert who prefers having the Kadi to speak in English? Or do you prefer it in English? It is important to understand the process while the Kadi is explaining and gives his sermon. Here are the list of Kadis who are fluent in English. This might help you in getting the Kadi with the right match in your preferred language. Below are the names of the Kadi as well as the Videography of couples who opt for the Kadis. You can get an idea of how the Kadi carry out the ceremony by watching these videos that contained snippets of the session.

Kadi Firdaus Bin Yahya

Kadi Hassan Bin Salim

Syed Ahmad Bin Syed Mohamed

There are probably more Kadis who can converse in English, however, here are the few that we know does. If you know more who could, let us know and we will add them to this blog so that more couples can be aware of this!

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