Edible Or Non-Edible Wedding Favours?

 Edible or Non-edible Wedding Favors?

Very often married couples to be find themselves to be in this dilemma months before the wedding itself before making a quick and final decision which keeps them pondering “was my Berkat good enough?”. First before we proceed I suggest you to have an idea of which category that you prefer in your wedding, edible or non-edible.

Well, here are my two-cents about this topic and I hope that it will help you arrive to your decision!

edible or non edible berkat wedding favors

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The “Non-Edible” Wedding Door Gifts

Non-Edibles are generally more simple to work with as it is just an item usually comes in a beautiful package, eg. glass coasters, mug, metal works such as spoons or bookmarks. These designs are very intricate as well as modern and it will add a classy touch to your wedding leaving a memorable impression to your guests who attend your wedding.

Fork and Spoon Favours are a good option they are functional and they look classy, very suitable as a Wedding Berkat Door Gifts . They usually comes in the shape of a teaspoon with attractive designs at the handle of the spoon. It will be used during daily life and be put to good use!

Fork and Spoons

spoon wedding doorgift measuring cups spoon wedding favors singapore 14cm wedding berkat kahwin sg singapore heart metal spoon and fork wedding favours berkat

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Nothing like a salt and pepper shaker to flavour the wedding atmosphere during and after. Salt and Pepper Shakers comes in various shapes, colours and sizes, most of them comes as a couple and are made of ceramic so be careful of the packing and transporting. Apart from it, it makes a gorgeous Berkat, no doubt!

mr and mrs salt and pepper shakers

functional kitchen wedding favours berkat in singapore


Bookmark is another practical way of giving your Door Gifts as a Berkat because everybody deals with books from all ages! From Text Books to Cook Books to Magazines and Story Books. If you are involved in any of the related “Books” which I have stated and more:)

love classy wedding door gifts ideas

heart metal bookmark unique ideas

wedding doorgift for readers love books



Just a simple mug is extremely functional and if sources properly, you can get it at good prices! Chances are at least one of the mug at your mug rack is a Berkat from a wedding or a gift so rest assured, it will be put into good use. You can customize it by filling the mug with sweets, biscuits of your choice or even chocolates and wrap it with designed plastic tied with coloured wire or even a simple ribbon.

berkat ikea mug ideas in singaporewedding favor cup and mug ideas singapore

Source: IKEA.com

Glass Coasters

The all time favourite mini soucer plate, this is also a good option as there are many stores out there selling it in bulk at amazing prices. You can customize it by putting it into an organza bag and a sticker of “___ weds ___”. These is one of many options which you can mix and match to make your Wedding Berkat unique!

 glass coasters berkat in singapore beach glass coasters blue theme for wedding doorgift

Advantage Of Non- Edible Berkat:

 1)  It is quick. If it is just a product which you are looking for eg. mug, without customization then it would be very simple as all you need to do is to purchase and wait to be delivered and your Berkat is ready.

 2) There are plenty of beautiful Non-Edible Wedding Favour out there, all you need to do is just to spend some time to search for it and if you don’t have time, you can PM us for ideas 🙂

Disadvantage Of Non-Edible Wedding Favours:

1) They are generally slightly more expensive as compared to the Edibles

 2) Some of them are brittle, so order a few more pairs of those kinds just to play safe. it is better to have a few extra then a few shortage.

Edible Wedding Berkat

After a whole day of tucking in all the amazing food like Briyani, Nasi Minyak, coupled with juices of many sorts and desserts, all is left is some good-old Berkat food to end off the awesome wedding. Edible Wedding Favors comes in many shapes and form, colours and taste. It is the wider variety of Berkat as compared to the Non-Edibles. The “Edibles” allows you to mix and match your Berkat in any way that works for you, allowing you to keep to your budget.

farerro rocher berkat chocoalate box singapore

Ideas for Edible Wedding Berkat are like Chocolate in Box, Cupcakes in Box, a slice of Cake in Box/Organza bag, just a simple Ferrero Rocher tied with a ribbon, Pulut Kuning (Yellow Glutenous Rice), Telur (Hard Boiled Eggs) in a box, Dodol in a box, Laddu in coloured plastic/box and many, many more.

square heart box wedding favor singapore

Wedding Favor Boxes like these(above picture) allows you to mix and match whatever Edible Favors you have into  the box. Some ideas are like chocolates of your choice, sweets of your choice or even a slice of Cake wrapped in a piece of plastic which makes an excellent Berkat.

chocolate cupcake berkat kahwin kek ideas singapore

berkat kahwin singapore fruit cake as wedding favour

Fruit Cakes like this are one of the more popular choices of cakes in the choices of cakes for wedding favor as no doubt it packs a punch in your taste buds and looks beautiful inside out, it also saves your pocket from burning into a bigger hole. Another way to customize these slices of cakes is to put it in attractive organza bags, wrapped with plastic and along with it is a personalized sticker 🙂


Advantages of Edible Wedding Favors:

1) You have more options to personalize your Wedding Berkat as there are more types of chocolates, sweets, cakes ect to go with the box

2) Foods like Pulut Kuning, Telur or Laddu goes way back into the Malay and Indian culture and if your wedding is traditionally themed then these Berkat suits to the T!

All The Best!

I hope that this blogpost have helped you with one way or another to arrive to a Berkat eventually! And if there is any comments or feedback, get to us through our chat box at the bottom right of this page OR drop us an E-mail @, info@berkatkahwinsingapore.com 🙂