Edible Berkat Wedding Favor- Chocolate Favor Box

Edible Chocolate Wedding Favors in Singapore


Wedding Berkat Chocolate/Candy Favor Box

What a splendid way to spend your wedding day by sharing the joy with your guests with a Favor Box of Chocolate? Chocolates as Wedding Favors are guests favorites especially when its an Edible Wedding Favor! Listed below are some popular Chocolates for Wedding Doorgift that you could give to your guests weather young or old and add to the classy ambiance of your wedding! Chocolates are known to make people happy ! It releases endorphins when eaten which are feel-good-chemicals. If you want happy guests, Chocolate Wedding Favors is the way to go!

Hershey Kisses For Berkat Wedding Favor

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Flavour: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Cookies and Creme

These tasty little bite-sized Chocolate Droplets melts in the mouth with each bite. With top quality ingredients, these chocolates, coupled with our Chocolate Favor Berkat Boxes will be an amazing Edible Wedding Berkat Doorgift to your guests on your wedding!

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Hershey Kisses Wedding Berkat Favor Stickers Singapore

These are Wedding Hershey Kisses Sticker Label examples and at Berkat Kahwin Singapore, we are able to customise for you your Hershey Kisses Label stickers for your wedding ! Graphically designed with a modern twist to surprise your guests at your wedding! You can include your wedding date on the sticker, words coupled with beautiful fonts such as Mr & Mrs, shapes such as hearts, words such as ” thank you” and the list goes on! Also you are able to choose any colour possible for the stickers!  or refer to the images below for more ideas and references. Some examples of Hershey Kisses Wedding Sticker Labels are these: hersheys kisses sticker label for wedding berkat wedding favour in singapore chocolate gift cheapberkat kahwin wedding chocolate favorchocolate wedding box favor hershey kisses stickers labels

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Toblerone Mini  Chocolate Wedding Favor as Berkat

Toblerone minis are one popular Edible Wedding Berkat Favor that couples are adopting to give their guests. Toblerone minis are prefect bite sized Chocolates for your Wedding Berkat Favour regardless of age! It fits perfectly in our Chocolate Wedding Favor Box. These delicious triangular-shaped chocolates are made in Switzerland, with smooth milk, honey and almond noughat. Dimensions of each packet of Toblerone mini are : 5.08 cm x 1.9 and it fits perfectly in this Cream Pastel Favor Box of ours. The more quantity you order, the larger the discounts will be per unit item! cheap chocolate wedding berkat favor singaporetoblerone wholesale price wedding doorgift singapore toblerone mini berkat chocolate singapore wedding favor

Snickers Mini Wedding Berkat Favor

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Chocolate Wedding Favor Berkat Gift Box

The Cream Pastel Heart Berkat Box has a dimension of 6cm x 6cm x 6cm. What’s more? You can also fit in a few Hershey Kisses Chocolate Berkat on top of the Toblerone mini! Click the link to view the item or simply check the image of the box below. berkat cheap singapore chocolate favour boxes Also, a few Hershey Kisses can be fit in this Cinderella and Bride and Groom Wedding Chocolate Favour Box! These state-of-the-art and modern wedding favors coupled with delicious chocolates will create a lasting memory of your Big day with your guests! Chocolates are Edible Wedding Favours,  and these cute boxes can be kept for keep by your guest in future! cinderella pumpkin carriage berkat for candies wedding berkat kahwin singapore affordable (All Rights Reserved for images and products) Like if this post has been helpful to you!