Types of Gift Boxes For Wedding Berkat Kahwin

Classy Gown and Tux Wedding Berkat Gift Bag/Box

The Bride and Groom Berkat Kahwin is among one of the popular Berkat Options couples opt for when purchasing for their big day! The Husband and Wife is dressed smart and in a beautiful gown that looks  as perfect as these wedding doorgifts! The hubby and wifey doorgifts is dressed elegantly and its suited to be given to your respective guests! It not only comes in a sleek design but it also comes with classy white organza ribbon which will enable you to tie your gift bag and secure its contents.

Berkat Kahwin in Singapore Gift Box

Berkat Kahwin in Singapore Favour Box

This is another Classy Wedding Berkat product that we carry. It has a unique set of look. It is more elongated and slimmer than the previous one above and has its own style. The bride has a necklace around it which gives it an elegant finish.  The bride’s dress has a huge and outstanding bow tied at the back of the waistline which gives its dress a 3-D effect! While the guy seemed pretty tall and sleek. These are perfect Potential Gift Boxes Suitable for your Wedding to be given with candies/chocolates placed inside the box.

Tuxedo and Gown Wedding Berkat Kahwin Singapore

Tuxedo and Gown Wedding Berkat

Candy Box Wedding Berkat Singapore

Couple Gift Box

Butterfly Trinket Wedding Berkat Kahwin Gift Box

Apart from the classy gift boxes that are very elegant for wedding occassions, we also carry other types of  Gift Boxes for Berkats that are more colourful, playful and not to mention pretty! Gift boxes for Wedding Berkat can be more affordable, tastier and can be as colourful as the gift based Wedding Berkat Kahwin. There are a variety of Wedding Berkat Gift boxes to choose from. Read on to find out about them!

Butterfly Favour Box Wedding Berkat in Singapore

Butterfly Trinket Wedding Berkat Gift Box

As you read on in this post, you will get an idea of how dynamic the Gift Boxes Berkat for your Wedding could look like. As for the above image, the berkat comes in various colours and colourful ribbons as well as butterfly trinkets depending on the colour of your choice. We carry Butterfly Berkat in Light/Soft Pink colour, Dark Green Buttefly Berkat, Blue Butterfly Berkat and Yellow Butterfly Wedding Berkat.

Butterfly Favour Box Wedding Berkat in Singapore

Note that it comes with ribbon and the butterfly trinket together. These two combination makes your Berkat Gifts  look perfect and what a beautiful way to show your appreciation to your guests!


Cinderella Carriage Wedding Berkat Kahwin box

Cinderella carriage is a Gorgeous Gift Berkat Box idea and perfect for your wedding! This Cinderella carriage Wedding Berkat is unique and an amazing way to mark your wedding day with your prince charming with a tinge of childhood style to it! Or if you are simply a fairytale junkie, this Berkat Gift Box is a joy you can consider sharing with your guests. It signifies the Princess- you getting married to Prince Charming and becoming a Queen! My my, what a lovely way to remember your wedding day and cherish the memories!

Berkat Kahwin Gift Boxes in Singapore

Cinderella Carriage Berkat Gift Boxes In Singapore


Love Wedding Berkat Kahwin Box

This Berkat Kahwin is a relatively handy and easy on the hands. It comes with pink ribbon embellishment for the pink box and blue ribbon embellishment for the green box. These colours may be suitable for the guests of the bride and groom respectively. This box has a classy look with its black lacy effect completed with words- Sweet love that ties with the Wedding occasion well!

Wedding Favours for Berkat Kahwin in Singapore

Cheapest and Affordable Berkat Kahwin In Singapore

These boxes could easily be filled with chocolates that almost everyone loves especially children such as Hershey kisses or Ferrero Rocher. Toffees and wraped sweets are brilliant ideas too that you could consider putting in these Berkat Boxes ! What’s more? We provide Free Shipping for your Online Berkat Purchases For Wedding Islandwide in Singapore.

Also, there will be many types of Bekat Ideas that we will be sharing through our post in the time to come. These elegant Berkats are designed with the idea of keeping your wedding as elegant and something which you would love and crave for. With the Variety Of Bekats and types, chances are, you would find something that you love and adore! Do stay tuned for more posts about Berkats in Singapore and Doorgift ideas for Berkats and much more!

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