Unique Ideas of Wedding Favors In Singapore

Wedding Favors in Singapore

The thought of your wedding day should excite any bride and groom to be. One of the many question that a bride or groom would ask is what type of Wedding Favours do I want to give the guests who attend my wedding ? The range of Wedding Favors In Singapore that we carry is huge. We will cover the different type of Wedding Favors and ideas that you can adopt for your wedding. Feel free to click on any of the images if you are interested in them.

Chocolate Wedding Favor

Chocolates are the favorites and Chocolate Wedding Favors would no doubt spread the joy of the occassion! Some popular chocolates specially for wedding would be Hershey’s Kisses, Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher etc. Chocolates packed in adorable packages like our all time best selling Wedding Favor Singapore named the Bride and Groom Favor and many more. What romantic way to spend your wedding with your guests?

berkat hersheys kissess milk chocolate with almonds

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Wedding Box Singapore

Speaking about giving awesome chocolates to your guests, you need beautiful Wedding Favor Chocolate Gift Boxes to compliment the chocolates and best part is you can fine the Wedding Favor Box that suits your wedding theme! Be it classy black and white, purple, pink, blue. These Favor Boxes comes in various shapes and sizes. Click on its item to check its dimensions and sizes.

Check out the Chocolate Favor Gift Boxes that goes along perfectly with these romantic chocolates 😉

Ready? Here we go:

white purple beige pink berkat colours for wedding in sg

wedding doorgift cheap in singapore affordable

pink and green wedding favor gift box

 Edible Wedding Favors Singapore

These are small yet lovely boxes which guests in your wedding would not forget to bring back! What could be filled in to make it the Best Wedding Gift  is totally up to you, it could be a simple custom made cloth, some chocolates or candies to fill up the gaps to make the Wedding Favor Box full. We have definitely seen many varieties of Wedding Favor in Singapore, most are unique which leaves an impression, and it does not necessarily need to be big.


gold colour wedding favor singapore

light pink colour wedding favor singapore


square heart box wedding favor singapore

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cinderella pumpkin carriage berkat for candies wedding

Wedding Berkat Kahwin in Singapore Favour Box

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couple gift boxes in singapore wedding

beige berkat bag with light pink ribbon


Wedding Door Gift Singapore

From Luggage Tag Favors to Bookmark Favors and Salt and Pepper Shaker as Favors, there are many classy and gorgeous wedding favor to choose from! These Wedding Favor in Singapore comes in the most wonderful packaging and tags. You don’t have to wonder how to decorate the packaging anymore. It now comes beautifully with the whole package such as ribbons, casing and tags. Click to view items and specification of the item. Happy viewing 🙂

key wedding metal bookmark berkat wedding princess theme

love classy wedding door gifts ideas

unique guest berkat in singapore

berkat as luggage tag bride and groom


salt and pepper shaker modern berkat

unique wedding doorgift ideas ceramic


Wedding Favors in Singapore

“That’s it? Is that all the Wedding Favors you have?”, many might ask. We actually carry way more products as compared to the pictures and the website! Yes you read it right. All you need to do is call 96701112/85990017, to book a sample viewing session today for totally free! Wait what? Yes you read it right again. Do not hesitate to drop us a call to enquire about Wedding Favors and Book a Free Sample Viewing! Chances are if you are reading this post then you are looking forward to or going to get married, BerkatKahwinSingapore Wish you all the best in your pursuit of happiness!