Silk Rose Petal Wedding Table/ Bed/ Aisle Decoration

Rose Petal Wedding Table/ Bed/ Aisle Decoration Ideas

What is a Wedding without rose petals? Here are Wedding Silk Artificial Rose Petals. Artificial Rose Petals for Wedding Decoration add colours and does not give you much hassle ! It is easy to clean and does not stain your wedding gown or dress unlike fresh rose petals! Staining your rented wedding dress is not something every bride wants to find out after the wedding.  Fret no more as it can now be avoided with Artificial Silk Rose Petals! For a hassle-free option, opt in with our Rose Petals. See images below for illustration. These light weight, easy to use rose petals come in 28 attractive colours for you to choose from! You will not run out of Decoration Colours to Suit your Wedding Theme.

These rose petals coul also d be used as an option to decorate the wedding table and add colour to the table setting, reception table, it can also be used to decorate the wedding aisle as well as the bed! Click Wedding Rose Petal Singapore to view product in our store and view all available colours. Read on to to gain Ideas to decorate Wedding Aisle with Rose Petals and more!

Colour #1 Silk Rose Petal for Wedding Singapore


burgundy artificial rose petal singapore

Although Burgundy, Red or Dark Red is the favourite colour for Rose Petal Decoration for Wedding Room, or Wedding Aisle Decors, we carry 28 more colours available for you to choose from to match your wedding theme for your big event!

Colour #9 Silk Rose Petal for Wedding Singapore


wedding supplies wholesale singapore red rose petal

Colour #6 Silk Rose Petal for Wedding Singapore

Dark Red

dark red cheap silk rose petal


Wedding Aisle Runner Rose Petal Decor

The Wedding Decoration Rose Petals has many function and one of it is to bring colour to your wedding day! One of its uses is for the Wedding Aisle Decoration ! There are a few favourite colours when it comes to rose petal colours for wedding. Colours such as Burgundy, Red & Dark Red are trademark colours for wedding. However, there are classy colours that you can opt for such as Ivory and White Rose Petal on your Wedding Aisle Runway which will stand out on the red carpet!

wedding aisle rose petal singapore decorations

pink silk rose petals cheap free delivery

These Silk Rose Petals would enhance your occasion and compliment with your wedding colour theme. Our wide variety of would would enable you to find the colour of the petals that best suits your wedding theme!


Flower Girl

When speaking about wedding aisles, it will be accompanied by flower girls who will tail and toss the Rose Petals behind the couple when they’re walking. These flower girls will approximately need about 200-300 pieces of Silk Rose Petals throughout the wedding aisle runner per flower girl. That is approximately 2 packets!

.silk rose petals sg cheap flower girl tossing


Flower Girl Basket Singapore

This satin fabric Flower Girl Basket is specially made to house the Silk Rose Petals and eventually to be tossed with its easy to carry handle! Its ribbon at the side of the basket and its pure ivory colour is specially made for your special occasion and to suit the role of the flower girl!

flower girl basket in singapore white colour

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Tossings are normally done by a larger group along the wedding aisle when the couple take their stroll as man and wife along the red carpet. On an average, 25 guests will stand and prepare by the wedding aisle  to toss these Silk Rose Petals when the couple has reached the wedding aisle. Tossing requires approximately 300 petals per guests (1 packet).

artificial flower rose petal sg sale

How many petals do you really need for your wedding? Here is a calculator that might help you to decide how many packets do you need to get for specific purposes. Visit to do your calculations. These calculations can be done to estimate how many petals you need for your Wedding Aisle Decorations, Table Setting Decorations, Wedding Room and Rose Petal Decoration for Bed for Wedding.

To have a look at more Silk Rose Petals colour options,  click to view product: Wedding Rose Petal Singapore.


Wedding Table Settings Decorations

Apart from Silk Rose Petals to be used as confettis or decorations, these soft heart shapped pillows could also be used to decorate the wedding table setting or Bed. Have a look at these images to have an idea of how these decoration work its magic on your occassion!

heart shaped wedding decoration purple free shipping  red heart shape table decoration for wedding singapore heart shaped bed decoration ideaspurple pink red theme wedding decoration ideas

These soft heart shaped ‘petals’ can also be used as how the rose petals are being used for decoration purposes. There are two types to choose from, the smooth edge and the jaggered edge one. Click  Jaggered edge Heart Wedding Bed / Table Decoration or Smooth Edge Love Wedding Bed / Table Decoration or images to view product.

Wedding Room Decorations

These are some ideas that can be used to decorate your room and bed on your wedding day! These are cute wall stickers contains connotations of love and sweet nothings  to be pasted across your wall above your bed. What a romantic way to wake up to these beautiful reminders of love and romance as a newly wedded couple? There are many stickers to choose from. Click on the images to view product or simply visit our wedding decoration category in our store !

wedding favor singapore berkat

wedding decor ideas for room unique

fairy tale wedding wall sticker paste